You’re one of the real ones. Get ready for the level-up!

We can’t wait to help you accelerate your worth, wealth, and vision for 2023 at the
Pretty Damn Ambitious™ Level-Up Summit.

(We’ll also give you a sneak peek of the PDA community and deliver your personal invitation to join the movement.)

We’re already popping the champagne and toasting you and your ambition!

You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly with all the details you need to know before the summit begins on February 7th, 2023.

But until then, kick back, relax, and honor yourself and how far you’ve come.

2023 isn’t going to know what hit it!

Celebrating you,

Bianca B. King

CEO & Founder of Pretty Damn Ambitious™

Pretty Damn Ambitious™ is a private community, helping ambitious women achieve the professional and personal success they desire by providing a curated experience, including events and resources and matching services with vetted and verified coaches.